KFokam awards regulations 

Article 1 – Purpose

KFokam Awards for Science & Technology is a competition initiated by Dr Paul K. FOKAM in order to promote the quest for excellence among Africa’s youth. After personally helping young African start-uppers for many years, he decided to rally likeminded fellow Africans to create a framework for the systematic promotion of African excellence.

Dr. Fokam is the founder and president of a Yaoundé-based pan African university for excellence, which seeks to be an African incubator of world-class leaders, who are driven by excellence.

The purpose of the competition is to detect innovative projects and to enable their implementation through start-ups. It is designed to spur African researchers, scientists and engineers to develop products that offer solutions to basic problems facing African countries and have a potential for stimulating the economy. The competition seeks to encourage researchers and scientists to move beyond publishing articles in scientific journals and to start adding value to the results of their research.

The competition is open to scientists, engineers, technicians or competent individuals in any field. Inventors or developers with a degree in engineering or not but, who possess proven competence in engineering are also eligible.

Please download and read all documents carefully.




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