First category: Best Innovative Business Project

It rewards the initiative of young Africans who are engaged in entrepreneurship. This category is open to anyone . The jury will pay attention to the consistency, the profitability of the project, its added value, its feasibility, but also the background of the project leader and his personal contribution. The award recognizes innovative solutions with immediate effect that will have a direct impact on people’s lives. No age limit is raised in this category.

First prize: 10 million CFA with the financial support of the business plan

Second prize: 2.500.000 CFA with the financial support of the business plan

Second category: Applied Research & Technological Innovation

All scientists, engineers and technicians are concerned by this competition. Therefore anyone or group of people with proven skills in one area can participate. This competition is also open to any inventor or developer, with a degree in engineering or not, but who has shown proven expertise in one engineering sector.

All sectors are concerned. However, we encourage applicants to focus on the areas often overlooked in Africa, but which constitute the basis of the industrialization. These are the challenges described below.

CHALLENGE – 1: MACHINERY CONSTRUCTION ; As foundation of industrial development, the importance of machinery construction is related to its role as a catalyst in economic growth. Therefore, inventors, technicians and engineers are encouraged to focused their attention for machinery construction. Only projects with prototype are accepted.

CHALLENGE – 2: ENERGY DEVELOPMENT; As one of the strategic sector that drives development, there is a need to focus attention on energetics solutions. Therefore, our aim is to support individuals or group who are interested by the sector. Projects related to all sources of energy are welcome. Candidates with solar energy projects should focused their attention on the technology for the production of the basic component of solar cell, by starting from sand or another raw material.

CHALLENGE – 3: SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT; To encourage computer software engineers to be at the forefront of this cutting edge technology, by developing software product.

CHALLENGE – 4: FOOD PRESERVATION & PROCESSING; The aim is to stimulate and support the agro-industrial development sector. Development of preservation methods and processing technologies for local products.

CHALLENGE – 5: DRUG DEVELOPMENT & DISCOVERY; To stimulate research activities in the field of drug discovery and development derived from natural products and that can lead to innovative medicines.

CHALLENGE – 6: CASING: (METAL WORKING); The aim is to boost this important sector which is unfortunately neglected in Africa. It is however, the foundation of industrial development.

CHALLENGE – 7: ELECTRONICS; The aim is to stimulate more interest in electric engineering. In fact, electronic has an important role in modern technology. Technological progress in Africa is linked to the capabilities of african countries to boost this sector.

First prize: 10 million CFA

Second prize: 2.500.000 CFA


Community Promotion Excellence Award

The community awards is dedicated to people who have specially innovated in sectors which are relevant for the community, and which help to solve some elementaries problems by promoting economic growth of the community, promotion of our culture and our arts. This category is not open to any competition. Recipients must be nominated in advance by citizens. Our media partners will effectively check the activities of nominees before the committee decides, on the basis of these verifications, to award the prize.

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