Awards Categories - KFokam AWARDS

First category: Best Innovative Business Project

It rewards the initiative of young Africans who are engaged in entrepreneurship. This category is open to anyone aged 40 years at the contest date and who has submitted a business plan. The jury will pay attention to the consistency, the profitability of the project, its added value, its feasibility, but also the background of the project leader and his personal contribution.

First prize: 10 million CFA with the financial support of the business plan

Second prize: 2.000.000 CFA with the financial support of the business plan

Second category: Applied Research & Technology Innovation

The award recognizes innovative solutions with immediate effect that will have a direct impact on people’s lives. No age limit is raised in this category. Then the main concern of population in our continent is their rising concern over their daily life. The Jury KFokam-Awards want through this prize to empower projects that will show clearly impacts on people’s daily life.

First prize: 10 million CFA

Second prize: 2,000,000 FCFA

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